Special Reports and Books Solutions

There are times when you need more information to solve a problem. Here are several resources to help you maximize your rowing equipment

Special Report #1: Absolutely Maximize Your Rigging Numbers: Getting The Most From The Numbers You Use For Rigging Your Rowing Equipment ($3.00)

Our most popular Special Report includes topics such as:

  • What are rigging numbers
  • Where you can find your numbers
  • Rigging numbers for your experience level
  • How to measure rigging numbers
  • 106 page PDF

Maximize Your Rigging Numbers $3.00

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Special Report #2: Buy It Right! Eight Steps To Getting The Rowing Equipment You Need At A Price You Can Afford ($3.00) 

This detailed Special Report includes topics such as:

  • Figure out exactly what you need to buy
  • Learn how to get the right price at the right time
  • Determine the best make of equipment to purchase
  • See how to do a successful follow-up to your purchase
  • Tips on how to reduce the price of your purchase
  • Learn how to navigate the wealth of options available
  • 29 page PDF

Buy It Right! $3.00

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Special Report #3: Last Almost Forever: 13 Steps to Help Your Rowing Equipment Last an Eternity ($3.00) 

This money-saving Special Report includes topics such as:

  • Learn the importance of cleaning your hull.
  • Discover the do’s and do not’s of waxing and wet sanding the hull
  • Understand the negatives about lubrication
  • Find out the critical care steps for your electronics
  • Learn the critical thoughts on storing and transporting your equipment
  • See why you really do need insurance
  • 15 page PDF

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Last Almost Forever $3.00

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Special Report #4: 43 Simple-Actions You Need To Take Before The Racing Season Starts ($3.00) 

Be more effective this season and reduce some of your hassles using simple steps. Here are the details:

  • A workbook of ACTIONS to take, not just theory or stories. Right to the point material
  • 31 pages of completely NEW and ORIGINAL information
  • Over 43 steps focused on the little details that coaches OFTEN FORGET
  • Designed to help you complete the things you need to do NOW—before the season starts
  • Based on over 30 YEARS of coaching and from working with HUNDREDS of rowing coaches
  • Numerous links to some of my most helpful archived articles
  • Several BONUS actions included
  • Simple PDF download, immediately to your inbox

43 Simple-Actions $3.00

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Special Report #5: Rowing Slow: Lessons on Going Fast ($3.00)

The secret for going fast and getting what you really want from your rowing. A few of the details:

  • A workbook about going faster by actually going slow
  • Short, specific and to the point
  • Speed is our Holy Grail, but how to find it
  • My reaction to us living in a constant state of High Velocity
  • All about going fast when you need it, slow when it is called for
  • Simple PDF download, immediately to your inbox

Row Slow $3.00

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Book #1: Nuts and Bolts Guide To Rigging

What many of our readers have asked for, an EBook version of Nuts and Bolts Guide to Rigging.

If you want to know about rigging—how, why, and what to do, this is your resource. And you can get it right now!

Take it to the boathouse on your smart phone or Kindle.

To find out more about Nuts and Bolts Guide to Rigging (including testimonials, table of contents, free chapters), click here.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Immediate download
  • exact same version as the hardcover best selling rigging book
  • if you are not satisfied with purchase let me know immediately—I will make it right

To learn more, click here.

Nuts and Bolts Guide To Rigging


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