Get customized, printer-friendly rigging numbers based on your measurements using the four-step form below:

Step 1: Select rower’s skill level

One way to classify a rower’s skill level is by age. Use these guidelines to help you make the correct selection

  • Youth < 14 years
  • Junior 14-18 years
  • Senior 19-27 years
  • Master > 27 years

Step 2: Select boat size

01-05-13 - select boat size.jpg

Step 3: How to measure

One of the most important items about rigging numbers is knowing how they were measured. Not knowing that basically makes the rigging numbers worthless. Here is how I measure rigging numbers.

01-05-13 - how to measure chart.jpg

Step 4: Fine tune your rigging numbers

You’ll notice that the rigging numbers are in ranges. To fine tune your ranges, do this:

  • For oar and oarlock numbers: favor the right side of ranges for younger or less experienced rower(s), favor the left side of ranges for older or more experienced rower(s).
  • Be consistent with your selection: if you favor the left side of a range for one dimension, favor the left side for all the dimensions.
  • For female rowers: begin by favoring the right side of the ranges.
  • For male rowers: begin by favoring the left side of the ranges.
  • If in doubt as to what part of a range to use: be conservative; start in the middle of a range.

For more information about fine-tuning your numbers please refer to my book, The Nuts and Bolts Guide to Rigging or to the Special Report, Absolutely Maximize Your Rigging Numbers: Getting The Most From The Numbers You Use For Rigging Your Rowing Equipment.