Rowing Is Easy To Understand

Rowing Equipment Is Not


Stuck with your rowing equipment? Solutions are right here. I’ve created it to help you get the most out of your rowing equipment, reduce your hassles, and free up your time.  You’ll find information on rigging and rowing from me, Mike Davenport, long time coach, educational consultant for USRowing, author, and boatman to numerous national rowing teams.

The information here is very easy to follow, even if you’re not technically minded. If you’re new to rowing, take a deep breath. We all start somewhere, and you’ve come to the right place. And if you'd like to get a nudge when some of the good stuff comes out, and my best ideas, join our mailing list by using the handy box here.

Short free videos solutions


Stuck at the boathouse with a problem? Fire up one of these videos and solve the problem. There are several dozens to choose from and more added frequently.


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Written word more your style? Search or scan through several years of articles and posts written on a wide variety of rowing-equipment topics, including interviews, surveys, and reviews.

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Looking for a resource that digs deeper into rowing equipment or related issue? Here's the place with prices ranging from free on upwards.


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