You know what? You’ve got a problem. And I’m glad . . .

Yeah, I’m talking to you. I’m hoping you have a problem, and here’s why . . .

I’m in the midst of my editorial planning for the upcoming year. Trying to figure out what to post. What videos and articles would be good to put up.

You read this blog. You’ve got problems. (Come on, admit it . . . you know you do.) So tell me.

See, instead of me writing and filming things that I think are *cool* or “Yeah, man, let’s tell folks about this purple wrench holder” I should be posting things that are helpful.

That help you solve a problem.

So here’s the deal—you let me know what your problem is, and I’ll post about it. And maybe if it is a big issue, or effects many folks, I’ll do more than a simple post on it.

Okay, no survey to complete. No forms to fill out. Just drop your problem in the comment box below. And I’ll get on it.

Come on, tells me what’s bugging ya . . .

[And if you're a coach with a problem, you might find help at my new site for coaches.]