Is Row2k A Good Source Of Rowing Info?

01-07-13 -  Row2k logo.jpg

That is a question I just got in response to my recent posts on the Olympics.

My response, without hesitation was a “Heck Yeah. The Best.”

The question came from a reader, who wanted to know if the info from Row2K  is credible and unbiased.

Fair question.

In one of the college courses I teach we go deeply into the topic of bias. It is everywhere, and the best we can do is to reasonable try to control it when we present information to others.

Read their posts. Especially the daily ones from Ed Hewitt. Biased? No way. Full of American info—certainly. Read closely and you will find info about all other countries teams. Big and small. Fast and slow.

They dig. They work hard.  It is good stuff.

  • Newsworthy
  • Interesting
  • Entertaining
  • Unbiased (as best as possible)

Row2k rocks. The popular press should met their standards.