35 Gifts For That Special Rower (Or maybe even you!)

Let’s get past the whole Christmas giving thing, shall we.

Your typical rower needs and uses a bunch of stuff. Rowing is, after all, probably one of the top three equipment-intensive sports. And to think that late December is the only time to get a rower a gift is rather harsh.

After all, the holidays come and go, and a New Year starts, and a new season begins and your favorite rower (or yourself if that is you) can always use something.

I did a little survey and  asked a bunch of rowers what they would like to receive as a gift. Following is a list of those items. Some can be given—others cannot. But I figured if you are looking for a gift this list might spark a few ideas. (In the nature of full disclosure none of these are affiliate linked. Just thought you would want to know.)

  1. 3 seconds of speed (and if I cannot get that, how about 2 seconds, or even 1?)
  2. 6:10 for a 2K
  3. 7/16 inch nuts (lots of them)
  4. big clean towel
  5. bottle of Windex
  6. bow ball
  7. bow light that works
  8. bow numbers
  9. can of No-Crab
  10. coxswain who I like
  11. DVD on how to scull better
  12. erg that floats so I can show people a thing or two
  13. good rowing book
  14. hat that makes me faster
  15. indestructible megaphone, or one that floats
  16. JL gift certificate
  17. joke book for tired rowers
  18. lunch with Tom Terhaar and Mary Whipple
  19. motivation to get up in the morning for practice, especially when it is raining
  20. new grips for my oars
  21. new seat for my boat
  22. new set of slings
  23. pack of green kitchen pot scrubbies
  24. pat on the back I can use whenever I need it
  25. Resolute!
  26. sense of accomplishment
  27. someone to rig my silly boat
  28. Speed-In-A-Can
  29. subscription to Rowing News
  30. tough, really tough, water bottle
  31. USRowing membership
  32. washers
  33. wax for my hull
  34. Xeno workout video session
  35. years supply of AA batteries

These are just a few ideas. If you’ve got any to add why don’t you post them below. You never know who is reading!