Transport Rowing Equipment Cross-Country

A reader recently asked:

Hello Mike,
I found your site while looking for information on transporting a rowing shell across the country. My son is a college varsity rower and has purchased a shell (for sculling).

Do you know how folks get their boats back and forth across the country?

He was able to hitch a ride for the boat with a team that was traveling from the east to the west at the end of May. But, to get the boat back to the east for the school year, it seems there is not as much travel in August. Do you know of any shipping companies or better yet, some type of fellowship of rowers who move boats back and forth and often have a spare spot on a trailer?

Seems my son cannot be the only person with this problem?

Any suggestions?

My response:

I think that you really have two choices: (a) a company that is transporting shells, or (b) a team that is doing the same.

Most teams won’t be moving boats until either later Fall or the Spring time, so that might not help.

Per the former, a company. Several shell companies deliver boats coast-to-coast, and some might have orders in early Fall. I would suggest either Pocock or Vespoli, USA. There are others, but these two are very busy, so you might have a better chance of getting a ride.

There are also some boat repair companies that do the same. I might suggest Klinger Engineering. All will charge a decent amount, but you would be hiring capable transport.

You might also try USRowing. They might have some suggestions.

And how about you? Any helpful insights about cross-country transport?