Warm weather can make you slower

Nice weather we are having, isn't it? You betcha.

Eighty degrees here yesterday, and I'm putting on Sun screen.

But I might be slower because of it. You too.

Here's why.

The pollen count is off the charts--literally.

Pollen count usually for this time is about 2000. Yesterday it was over 9000.

An all time record.

Those trees and plants are pushing out the pollen like crazy. And guess where it is landing?

On your boat, especially if they are kept in an open area.

Pollen on your hull, when damp from a dew, loves to stay on your hull--especially when the dew dries.

That dried residue is almost like a fine sandpaper. An extra layer of resistence when your hull goes through the water.

See that image to the right? That is a drag on your hull. Literally.

And that can slow your hull down. Way down.

What to do?

Just wash your hull. Every day give it a nice wash.

And before you launch for your race this weekend, give the hull a quick scrub with soap, water, and a little bit of elbow grease.

The five minutes you invest might save you valuable seconds on the water.

Put the pollen in it's place—on the ground not on your hull.

Race well.