The box of rowing equipment

We live in a box in the world of rowing equipment. What do I mean? Just this . . . there have been few, if any, significant major changes in the equipment over the past one hundred years. For instance, the hull design of the eight rowed in the men's events of the 1904 St. Louis Olympic games is probably very similar to the hull of the men's eight that will be rowed in the men's events of the Olympic Games in Being, China.

Yup, there is some change, some innovation. But not much compared to the computer and telecommunications industries. Life in the rowing world is pretty much status quo.

So we live in this box, where there is not really too much difference between pieces of equipment, between rigging numbers. Small difference, but not much.

Why is that such a great tip? Because that means that you don't have to worry so much about differences in rigging numbers, and rowing equipment. There is a lot of similarity out there. More than differences.

I brought this up at my recent rigging clinic at the USRowing Convention, in Palm Springs, CA. I was met with stares.

No nodding of heads, no "right on", just stares.

But also no arguments.

I'm hoping I got some wheels spinning.

Maybe I'm right on that one.

Maybe not. What do you think?