Cool rowing website: Physics of Rowing

One of the best ways to become a better Rigger/Coach is to read. Reading exposes you to different ideas, various ways to do things, and alternate solutions to problems.

And with that in mind I want to refer you to what I consider a GREAT Web site—a worthwhile place to spend time reading, and hence, to improve your rigging.

The title of the site is: FAQ: Physics of Rowing; and it is located at

The site is produced by Dr. Anu Dudhia. Anu works at the Department of Atmospheric Physics at Oxford University in England. I’ve written to him several times, and although I have not met him, he seems like a very nice and thoughtful person.

His site has a wealth of information about rigging and the physics of rowing. I use it quite often as a resource for my articles, books, and rigging.

The two sections that I’ve found very helpful are #7 (Levers) and #8 (Gearing). They may be a tad dry sometimes (reminded me of Mrs. Gattlingun’s Physics 101 class); however, the information is great.

Try it out, and let me know what you think.